Frequently Asked Questions about PurFire Burn Operations: Process, Material Types, Estimates, Consultation, Fuels Reduction, Permitting.
When you make the choice to burn your material with PurFire, you are reducing the negative impacts of smoke on air quality. We use the patented technology of the Air Burner air curtain which enables smokeless incineration. Our Air Burner is efficient and runs on fewer than 3 gallons of diesel fuel per day. We do not use accelerants and the fire is fully contained which minimizes risks associated with open burns. PurFire also handles the permitting process for you, making the entire operation worry-free and turnkey. We can burn year round and are monitored by state and local Air Pollution Control Districts and are compliant with state and local fire agencies. Land owners can engage in fuels reduction in a responsible manner by hiring PurFire to process slash leftover from logging or site clearing operations.
Fortunately, we offer a variety of services in order to accommodate our clients.The most cost-effective way to prepare for a burn is to have your slash or fuels reduction material piled and staged in an area that can be easily accessed by our equipment. However, we have the ability to transport slash to a staging area for you. PurFire can also cut your material down to size so that you don’t have to take this step.
NO! At PurFire, we handle all necessary permitting for our clients.
NO! We are cleared to burn on selected days year-round. Just call us to schedule and we’ll return a range of dates. PurFire enables you to engage in fuels reduction, site clearing, and slash burning year-round.
We generally follow the instructions found here The University of Washington. We use the geometric method to determine which formula we use based on the shape of the pile.
NO! PurFire provides the trained labor and equipment necessary for each burn operation from start to finish. After you’ve engaged in fuels reduction or site clearing and have your material ready for our arrival, you are not required to attend the burn although we welcome any audience.
Typically, our clients request that their ash be buried following the burn operation. The ash can also be spread (wood ash makes excellent soil fertilizer) or hauled off by a third party or by PurFire with prior arrangement. It’s up to you!
We burn green or dry vegetation (slash and woody debris) . Typically, we process slash left over from fuels reduction, site clearing, landscaping, or logging.
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